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Spring is Upon Us – Time to do Yard Work

Spring Clean Up Desert LandscapeAs the season starts to change it is time to start looking into spring clean up for your yard. You may look outside and think, really, weeds are already starting to grow and bushes have new growth along with trees too.  It seems our seasons are growing together and our winters are getting milder.

Now you have a decision to make… Do you do it yourself or do you hire a landscaper in Chandler to help you?

Yes, hiring a landscaper will save you time for sure, however you may just enjoy the sunshine and the physical labor that it takes to keep up with a yard.

In Chandler you may have a desert landscape themed yard, if you do there’s not a ton of maintenance compared to if you have a yard full of grass to mow.

Weeds can pop up everywhere, through the rocks, in grass, plants, dividers and more. How do you control them or better yet, how do you kill the weeds without adding more harmful chemicals to the environment? There’s a couple inexpensive ways to safety do this.

Here’s a warning. Do this ONLY on weeds not in grass and near other plants you care about, as these methods may kill what you wantto keep too. Suggested areas are in the desert landscaping rocks such as in the picture, patios, walkways, and driveways.

  1. Simply pour BOILING water on the plant
  2. Use Vinegar in a spray bottle – The acetic acid is what kills the plant/weed. The vinegar you cook with is low in the acid, like 5%, you will want to purchase vinegar with high acetic acid for it to do the job. Remember be careful, whatever the vinegar gets on it will kill.

We know there are other natural ways to kill weeds. They may take preparation of the soil, before the weeds actually sprout. There’s some great info on this method over on on soil solarization. We found this method to  be quite interesting, especially if you area  new homeowner starting out with a blank canvas! Even if you are buying a pre-owned home you may consider these suggestions to help you with weed control in the long run. Then again you may not want to fool with it, that’s when you call you trusted local landscaper.

Even if you decide to go the route with a lawn care professional, that doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your lawn care! Our suggestion is to talk it over with your landscaper and let them know what you are planning on doing, ie; planting, adding to your yard, etc. The two of you can discuss what would be the best route to go. He may suggest alternative plants, flower, or shrubs than what you had initially wanted simply because he should know what will survive and  what will not survive the hot Arizona summers.

If you decide to do your own landscaping, it might be best to talk to a    professional at a local garden shop or nursery to get the best advice possible on what grows well and survives the hot Arizona summers and cool desert nights.

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